The Good Stuff

The thing about tapping into The Good Stuff of a city on the rise like Cleveland, you begin to see life is filled with The Good Stuff

even when we feel bombarded by the bad. #TheGoodStuff stories have changed my life and those stories of triumph are still to be told.

It's like a Good Stuff snowball gathering more momentum than I could ever have imagined.

I see it every day with the people I meet, the people I cover, the people who’ve overcome life’s greatest hardships to not only survive, but to thrive and inspire in spite of it.

It is a phenomenal cast of characters.

They get it.
They follow it.
They live it.
They ARE the faces of the stories that resonate with viewers and listeners in their own lives long after the news is over.

It's a sort of revival on demand of classic storytelling that news outlets like NBC Nightly News are now embracing.

Lester Holt ends newscasts with stories that soften the blow of the downright disturbing ones that so typically get top billing. Some of those stories featured on Nightly News and CNN, for example, have been stories that originated as a Good Stuff story in Cleveland.

Personally, the best research comes from immersing myself into the community circles where The Good Stuff stories live.
Immersing myself in a mindset that not only LOOKS FOR The Good Stuff, but ATTRACTS it.

It is literally all around us...the inspiration we need in the drone of headlines that weigh down our hearts..

I am on an all out quest to keep capturing it and to bring the hundreds of new exclusive story ideas in my inbox to a larger platform of television viewers, radio listeners, live audiences and the social media masses.

They’re asking for it.

I’m listening.

"Together we can, Together we will"

-Larry Kendrick